The Cursed Vigilantes of Nerath

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As a recap, we saw our dwarven friend Norgold clasp his neck brand and fall to the ground in the middle of our outdoor battle with the gang of kobolds at the mine entrance. Just as we were getting the snot kicked out of us and (i believe) Kellin nearly died, Cora (the rogue) and Tavrin (the cleric) showed up to help. Nymerion cast a wicked thunder spell that killed half the gang and left us in a pretty good spot to wipe away the rest of the group. Although one slinger ran back into the mine to warn his friends. We then rested up and made our way down the 20 ft ladder into the mine. Nymerion had lit up a stone and tossed it into the mine to light up the bottom.

As we got down there, Cora checked for traps and someone grabbed the lit stone to take point and check around corners. We got to an initial room that was just before a long hallway “guarded” by a huge dwarven statue. We could barely see anything, but we could hear breathing in the distance darkness. I knew we were dealing with kobolds that spoke draconic, so i yelled into the darkness “who goes there, show yourself!” but all we heard was laughter. I attempted to intimidate the kobolds by saying “surrender or die” in draconic", but all they returned was something light “have you ever had your dinner talk to you before? hehe!” We were able to light up some of the room and an epic battle ensued where we had two companions (Cora and Tavrin) nearly dead. This was yet again a time when Nymerion used his magical prowess and destroyed a good number of enemies. Twin arrow attacks from our rangers Kellin and Larric were extremely helpful as well. The lead sorcerer abandoned an attempt to spring a trap on us, and sprung into the fray, lighting us up with cold bursts which hurt tremendously. But he was soon twarded by various attacks and a final blow from our warlocks ""Curse of the Dark Dream" which had his mind writhing in agony as his body teetered along imaginary snakes and cliff edges.

We took a short break to enjoy our win and take a few healing surges. Collected loot of 40 G and various equipment from the dead as well.

We then headed to a long, narrow corridor leading to a closed double door. We all decided that our warlock (myself) would use his expertise in the bluff skill, along with his ability to speak draconic, to yell “the coast is clear, we killed them all, you can come out now!” The trick worked and a foolish kobold rustled his keys to open the door while saying “excellent work!!” hahaha!

We all readied an attack to surprise the guard with and as the door opened, another epic battle ensued. This one was less costly, as most of us were in the narrow corridor picking off charging kobolds, though one of them kept deflecting our shots to his companions. Suddenly a white dragon wormling flies into the fray (likely the leader that was commanding everyone to kill us from the dark). Though his presence was intimidating, his attacks spurred no fear as they inflicted nothing much more than a couple scratches on our noses haha. After a few small arrow hits and a couple rounds in a cloud of daggers, he was weakened by our warlocks encounter curse “Witchfire” and he flew back into the room and let his small army of kobolds have at us for a while. We ended up destroying him quickly before the kobolds could have us though. After many long rounds of missed rolls, we finally destroyed the kobolds just as the store was closing. Too be continued….


2 suits of leather armor
4 suits of hide armor
8 light shields (someone took one)
18 javelins
2 slings (i think both were taken?)
2 spears
3 small scale armor
2 short swords
3 daggers (two were taken i think)
and one “Bone Mask” and 40 gold from the kobold sorcerer


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